Teenagers who use Facebook are prone to psychological disorders

According to a California State University researcher, using Facebook and other social networks can have a negative impact on young people. Dr. Larry Rosen, California State University professor of psychology, says that sites like Facebook can cause some serious psychological disorders for young people like narcissism and behavior. anti-social and depression.

Rosen presented his findings at a conference of the American Psychological Association in Washington last week. He even pointed out that up to 42% said they could still type text if blindfolded because they spent a lot of time on social networks with their devices.

Last summer, a study showed that as many as 57% of women interviewed said they were communicating with people online rather than directly, and that 39% of people called themselves an addicts of Facebook. .

Research in March 2010 also showed that many people are obsessed with social networking sites, with 48% of respondents saying they update their Facebook or Twitter accounts at night or immediately after waking up. . The report also shows that 19% of people under the age of 25 are ready to update Facebook and Twitter anytime they wake up at night.

Rosen said that working on social networking sites can make teenagers’ negative behaviors emotional. However, he quickly said that his research does not imply that Facebook has created psychological disorders for teenagers. Because this is not completely proven.

Rosen added: “We feel that there are one of two social work mechanisms that affect user psychology. If you have a tendency to improve yourself, social networking is a place for users to share their confidences if they cannot talk directly with people. However, there are many reasons why users become too passionate about writing / sending and uploading symptoms. ”

Dan Olds, an analyst at Gabriel Consulting Group, said he did not feel surprised when he received the results. He said: “New technology always gives users new ways to recognize the best and worst points. Just like a phone makes it easy to reach someone, social networks also make it easier for users to reach and annoy someone or the effects that social networks cause. is completely different ”.

Currently Facebook has not yet made its comments on the above results.