Vietnam Medical Equipment Association issued a Code of Conduct in medical equipment practice

Carrying out the tasks of the third meeting of the Congress (2015-2020) of the Vietnam Association of Marine Corps, the Standing Committee of the Central Committee of the Association assigned the Standing Committee to organize the development of a Code of Conduct in medical equipment practice. in the 2016 working year.
After 6 months of intensive and serious work (from April 1 to October 20, 2016) of the Standing Committee and Editorial Board from the following stages:

  • Establishing the Editorial Board
  • Unify the working regulations of BBT
  • Collect low relevant information of domestic and International
  • Draft contents of the Ministry of Planning (with 5 comments and complete meetings)
  • Get comments from numerous experts, managers, businesses, human resource training centers. (at the National Workshop on Medical Equipment in Danang, with 108 comments)
  • BBT has synthesized the comments of the participants and completed the draft of the Ministry of Medical Regulations.
  • Submit a draft report and comments from: Ministry of Health, Ministry of Home Affairs and Union of Science and Technology Associations of Vietnam.
  • After meeting all necessary conditions, Chairman of the Vietnam Health Association has signed Decision No. 50 / QD-TUH on October 20, 2016, Promulgating the Regulations on conduct in medical equipment practice including 10 conventions.
    The Medical Association of Vietnam would like to introduce the Ministry of Health in the practice of medical equipment to its branches, associations, local health associations and all members of the Association.

Note: Currently, the publication is available at VARANSAC: P308 in TTB-CTYT 40 Phuong Phuong Street, Dong Da Hanoi.
Individuals, associations and unrecognized units can come and receive them directly at the Association Office.
Contact through Hero: 0972417918, Mr. Thien: 0943101294.

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