Annual national workshop: Improving management capacity to update scientific information – Technical technology of medical equipment

On July 15 and 16, 2016, Vietnam Health Association has organized the annual National Conference, the 10th with the title:
Improve management capacity, update information on medical equipment technology in Da Nang city.

More than 200 delegates include: Representatives of leaders of some private hospitals, provincial general hospitals, technical experts of TBYT, training schools, research institutes specialized in TBYT, a number of professional associations and heads The workshop of supplies and medical equipment of central hospitals, general hospitals of provinces and cities participated in the Conference. Assoc. Dr. Pham Le Tuan, Deputy Minister of Health, together with office leaders, TTB-CTYT, Department of Medical Care, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Human Resources, Economic and Administrative Affairs, BHY. Dr. Pham Van Tan PCT-TTK Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations, Prof. T.. Hero of Labor Bui Duc Phu PCT Vietnam Medical Association, Hue Central Hospital Director attended and directed the Conference.

In 2 days Workshop: 18 scientific and technological reports on health technology and clinical applications with high-tech health workers were presented by the medical experts, technicians and technical experts of medical equipment manufacturers. Reputable in the world and expert TBYT products of medical equipment suppliers.

14 booths of medical equipment suppliers in Vietnam participated in the display of the latest TBYT systems introduced at the Conference.
With the activity: Mobilizing medical equipment for medical facilities that still lack essential medical equipment, this year is the third time Vietnam Health Association has mobilized and given gifts to Dong Giang District Hospital, Quang Nam Province. Gifts include: 01 personal Oxygen generator, 2 Monitor machines 5 parameters and 1 Physical therapy device (sponsored by companies: Viet Thai, DCA and Nhat Minh)

On this occasion, Vietnam Health Association has asked the Ministry of Health to award certificates of merit to Johnson & Johnson Vietnam Co., Ltd, Vietnam Medical Association awarded certificates of merit and symbolized 20 strategic sponsors, accompanied with the Vietnam Association of Medical Association in activities for community.

Some workshop photos: