About us

Vietnam Medical Equipment Association was established under Decision No. 12/2002 / QD-BNV dated November 11, 2002 of the Minister of Home Affairs. The Vietnam Medical Equipment Association operates according to the amended and supplemented Association’s rules prescribed in Decision No. 404 / QD-BNV of May 26, 2015.

Vietnam Medical Equipment Association is a professional and social organization of organizations and individuals operating in the fields of science, technology, management, production, business, maintenance, repair … related Regarding medical equipment and instruments throughout the country, voluntarily organizing the construction and development of Vietnam’s medical equipment industry, contributing to quickly applying medical technical applications to diagnosis and treatment, disease prevention and community health care; information, document exchange, experience in exploitation, production research, assembly, repair and maintenance … contribute to the overall development of Vietnam’s health sector.


  • Widely gather individuals and organizations operating in the field of medical equipment (TBYT) or related to this field, endorse the charter and voluntarily join the Association.
  • Consult issues when required such as:

Develop national policies on health workers, targets, plans and measures to implement the program on health workers;
Develop standards and demands for health care for disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, training, scientific research at all levels;
Contribute ideas in the development of legal documents on technical standards of health workers;
Participate and cooperate with research, production, import and export business establishments, repair and maintenance of health equipment to ensure the improvement of the quality of domestic and imported medical equipment in accordance with Vietnamese conditions;
Participating in the development of technical documents on TBYT, publishing magazines and books on health workers to exchange information on experiences in exploitation, maintenance, repair and production of domestic TB as well as updated issues Health workers in the world;
Participate in scientific research, application and manufacturing of medical equipment and devices in the country to develop Vietnam’s TB industry;
Participating in proposals with competent authorities to strengthen the training of health workers in health sector for production, business, exploitation, use, repair, maintenance and effective use of capacity. of existing staff;
Participate in consulting, appraising and criticizing programs and projects on TB health when invited;
Cooperate with professional associations in the Medicine and Pharmacy Association and other scientific and technical associations in the country.
Implement international cooperation with associations as well as non-governmental organizations of countries operating in the health sector according to the provisions of law.

  • Managing and organizing members, helping each other to unite, improve professional qualifications, protect the legal rights of members. Pay attention to working conditions and spiritual and material life of members.
  • Organize seminars and exhibitions of scientific and technical equipment in the field of health care according to the State’s regulations
  • Managing assets and finance of the Association in accordance with the law.